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Native French Teacher Why don't you make the best of your spare time

[check] You can make the best use of your spare time.
[check] You get paid on the spot.
[check] Free registration.



  •  Area / Japan
  •  Cafe etc...

Lesson (60 min)

  •  One Student : \3000-
  •  Two Students: \4000- (\2000 per each)
  •  Three Students: \6000- (\2000 per each)

Lesson (90 min)

  •  One Student : \4500-
  •  Two Students: \6000- (\3000 per each)
  •  Three Students: \9000- (\3000 per each)

Transportation and other costs

  •  Instructors pay for their own lesson costs: including transportation, food and drink, text book/lesson materials.

Our Service

  The policy of our school is to provide comfortable lessons to students. The payment is 3000 yen for 60 minutes.

  Many students quit learning French at schools before mastering the French language. Our school has developed three ways to encourage them to stay on track.

  1.  The French lesson is taught at a teacher's home or cafe.

  2.  The student pays 3000yen for 60 minutes lesson directly after each lesson.

  3.  Students decide the length of each lesson.

  The lesson is based on conversation. The most important role of a teacher is to check the level of a student's conversation ability and to correct them when they make mistakes.

  To reduce costs for students we reason on-line. We also do not advertise for students.

  We are always seeking to improve our service and quality and we know we need your help.

  We are looking forward to working with you.

After Registration

  Your information will be added to our home page. Students can then choose a suitable teacher by viewing them on-line. We will contact you and arrange an appointment for a 60 minutes free trial lesson.

The Trial Lesson

  Lessons are to be conducted in teachers own style. Two things should be kept in mind.
  First of all, the trial lesson is to let both the teacher and the student know if they are comfortable. Secondly, the teacher and student can come to an agreement about what is to be expected or required in the future lessons.

After The Lesson

  If the student is satisfied with the trial lesson and decide to join our program, he or she will make an appointment for the first lesson through us. Subsequent lessons should be conducted directly between the teacher and the student.